Project results have been reported in the following activities. Details are available through the indicated links.

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    Advanced Science, 1600362. <journal inside feature>
  2. Benjamin P. V. Heiz, Zhiwen Pan, Lingqi Su, Si Thien Li, Lothar Wondraczek. 2017.
    “A large-area smart window with tunable shading and solar-thermal harvesting ability based on remote switching of a magneto-active liquid”
    Advanced Sustainable Systems, (in print). <journal front cover>
  3. Christin Sirtl, Matthias Kraus, Christiane Hadlich, Andrea Osburg, Lothar Wondraczek. 2017.
    „Zur Bewertung klimatisch beanspruchter geklebter Glasverbindungen“.
    Glasbau 2017