Wrap your building into a liquid layer

Adopting the idea of waterfalls and liquid façades, LaWin products will let you wrap your building into a liquid layer. This transforms the outer envelope into an active component of the building, enabling organic exchange between the building’s interior and its environment.

Towards this objective, visually transparent, flat and large-area glass-glass capillary elements were developed for integration with regular windows, curtain walls and individual façade components. Compatible with state-of-the-art window manufacture technology, these allow for adaptive harvesting of environmental heat and solar energy, heat transport and distribution across the building, indoor hydronic cooling, shading and adaptive façade coloration.

LaWin products are now being commercialized B2B and B2O in standard double and triple IGU glazings, indoor hydronic cooling panels and vertical solar-thermal collectors.

Over the period of 2015-2017, the project received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 637108.

This project participates in the AMANAC Cluster which is bringing together initiatives for improving the energy efficiency of buildings. As a major component, each of those projects employs a forward looking perspective on circular economy policies. The current H2020 running projects are: